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Lejla Jonuz

Lejla is a leader of our banking and compliance practice. Lejla has a national practice that focuses on the New York financial services industry. Since the adoption of the Patriot Act with its added focus on compliance and anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing, Lejla has been an important resource for financial organizations seeking to build effective compliance teams. She has assisted numerous financial institutions in attracting teams of lenders, traders, finance professionals and lawyers to support and grow their businesses. Lejla is a founding member of Jonuz & Andersen and manages the Boston office.

HR Solutions

We are pleased to announce that Jonuz and Andersen is now offering HR Solutions- which is Human Resources Advisory Services for our clients who need HR consulting, our senior HR professionals, who specializes in Banking organizations, Tax and Insurance firms have joined our team offering our clients Human Resources advisory services. Our HR professional’s have supervised various functions including training, staff integration, hiring strategy, benefits, as well as working on staff reductions and individualized terminations of employment. Our HR professionals have developed strategies, written and implemented policies and processes, and implemented technology solutions for various HR matters.

We provides services across all HR capabilities illustrated below from strategy implementation to process development to service delivery to risk mitigation.

Workforce Experience

Workforce Experience

Based on our recruiting work, we believe that many businesses could benefit from a HR professional to help them organize, assist and advance their HR function. We can report to senior management with an assessment of the quality and risks of the HR function and recommend organizational, technical and operational solutions. While having a full time HR professional can be costly and perhaps not necessary for a smaller business, we can provide a savvy administrative assistant with the tools and support to perform a satisfactory HR function.

With our expertise and background, can fill short-term, specialized HR needs by managing projects for business initiatives like M&A, audits, reorganizations, cost-reduction efforts, compliance with new regulations, and strategy implementation. We can respond to these matters quickly and without substantial ramp-up and learning time. We have experience working with existing HR departments to address time-sensitive projects and add needed experience.

We can:

  • Review your employee manuals to insure they protect your business and provide the proper notice to employees.
  • Review your hiring procedures, script for hiring interviews, onboarding process, and annual reviews.
  • Review your employee recordkeeping and compliance with records retention and other policies.

We can assess whether your business is violating the laws you must abide by.

  • Are you paying the proper wages to your employees?
  • Are you making the correct withholdings?
  • Are you paying the proper payroll taxes?
  • Are you observing the overtime pay requirements?
  • Are you following the immigration laws?
  • Do you have the proper immigration documentation?
  • Do you have the proper employee notices up at your office?
  • Are you giving your employees the proper notices?

There are many parts of a HR function that if not handled properly can result in substantial penalties and fines for a business. In addition, improper practices can result in civil liabilities to employees or potential hires. Federal banking regulatory agencies are now examining compensation procedures, employment agreements and employment practices to insure compliance with state and federal laws. Immigration authorities can make unannounced visits to insure the workplace is in compliance with federal immigration laws and failure to observe these laws can result in substantial penalties. These are only a few of the areas that can cause potential risks for financial institutions. Most significantly, of course, a poorly managed HR function can cause excessive turnover and morale problems.

We would be very happy for you to have the opportunity to meet with HR Solutions team to discuss your HR function and to benefit from her ideas and experience.

We believe this will be a cost-effective improvement to your HR efforts.