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Finance & Accounting

The support area where having the right professionals is essential to operational success is finance and accounting. Finding the correct mix of skills and leadership is crucial so that the key drivers of your business information continue to support your growth and results. Jonuz & Andersen specializes in identifying talent for a wide variety of finance and accounting positions.

Jonuz & Andersen provides a level of professional sophistication that differentiates it from other professional recruiting firms. We have a clear understanding of the types of skills and requirements you demand for your key finance professionals. We produce targeted searches without the scattershot approach of certain firms that tend to blanket an area rather than identify the most likely candidates for a particular position. Most importantly, we speak the language of your candidates, can explain the nuances of the available positions and understand your unique culture and business requirements.

Jonuz & Andersen makes it a priority to understand your finance and accounting framework and current staffing. We not only gather current information about your systems and teams, we try and understand the position finance occupies in the organization, how it is perceived and where it provides the strongest support. With this in depth knowledge, Jonuz & Andersen can source and recruit the best potential colleagues for your organization. Your finance recruiter will have current industry knowledge and industry specific contacts and relationships that will allow for easy flows of information on significant candidates, suggestions from industry experts and first-hand recommendations from your recruiters own contacts. Finance and Accounting professionals recognize the proven ability to identify strong candidates to fill employment opportunities.

With our industry knowledge and finance and accounting expertise, we can find the professionals needed to fill specialized positions as well as general opportunities. Jonuz & Andersen has proven ability to find the industry-leading professionals who can take command of any level of finance or accounting challenge. We handle starting-level accounting positions to CFO’s.

Jonuz & Andersen has worked recently on the following types of searches in the finance and accounting area:

  • CFO
  • Controller
  • Corporate Tax Director Financial Systems Manager Financial Analyst
  • Vice President, Finance Financial Reporting
  • Senior and Staff Accountants Accounts Payable/Receivable Human Resources Finance