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About Jonuz & Andersen Consulting

Lejla and Roy have worked together for a number of years. Most recently they worked at a start up recruiting firm before leaving to start Jonuz & Andersen. They believe that their combined experience in the banking market in New York offers their clients the depth of knowledge and market awareness that will provide them with superior talent. Jonuz & Andersen is a dedicated group of executive search professionals operating in the major business hubs of the Northeast.

Our approach is to pair our clients’ executive search requirements with a professional who has specific hands on experience in that business segment. For example, bank compliance searches are staffed with a former bank compliance officer with experience in the field. Our goal is to insure that you receive the most targeted candidates to fit the specific requirements of your job needs.

Jonuz and Andersen

First and foremost, we see our role as an adjunct to your human resources group and thus we need to partner with employers and understand their business and most importantly the needs of their business leaders. In this way, we can develop a detailed understanding of key employment requirements, and deliver the top candidates. We use industry best practices to identify and recruit candidates for our clients’ key positions. In many circumstances, our candidates must pass a thorough screening, assessment, education verification and background check. At the request of our clients we can perform a complete background check.

We emphasize recruiting when we describe our approach. Merely acting as a placement or search firm is not the stance we take for our clients. We are committed to finding the leading talent to build their businesses. We use our over twenty years of experience to service our clients in the specific areas where we provide industry-leading and specific expertise. We appreciate that wise hiring decisions add value on an employee-by-employee basis by building a culture that enhances your business values and goals. To that end, we work with you and your hiring professionals to learn about your business, understand your hiring requirements, appreciate your industry position and most importantly fully grasp the immediate needs to be met and work diligently to meet them.